Michael Sheard, famous to millions as the fearsome Mr Bronson, sadly died in August 2005. To compliment existing clips of Mr Bronson available in the Video Vault, we present this special selection of clips from Grange Hill and interviews with Michael himself.

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Mr Bronson's first appearance
 The first appearance - 1985
The girls in N4 ponder what their new form tutor - a certain Maurice Bronson, will be like. Julian Fairbrother, formely of Rodney Bennett, is happy to give them a friendly warning. But Zammo is first to incur the wrath of Bronson who walks in on his spat with Jackie and Banksie...


Ant regrets being late for registration
 Bronco v Ant Jones - Round One
"You will doubtless be aware that I am a strict disciplinarian", proclaims Maurice at the start of Series 9. "I am also fair." One person who would dispute that last statement is Ant Jones - who makes the mistake of arriving late for registration. Bronco isn't interested in his alibi from Mr Baxter and insists he serve detention, with Ant making the brave but foolish move of challenging his teacher. This was to be the start of a bitter feud between Ant and Bronson that ultimately led to Ant Jones' transfer to St Joseph's.


 From Michael To Maurice
An extract from the 1988 documentary "Behind The Scenes At Grange Hill", showing Michael's transformation into Mr Bronson courtesy of the make-up department. As he dons the famous toupee, Michael reveals his thoughts on his young co-stars.


Danny's classmates confront Bronson
 Pupils ambush Bronson in the playground - 1989
Following the death of Danny Kendall, it's clear who the pupils blame for the tragedy. Mr Bronson arrives at school and is soon reduced to a quivering wreck when pupils crowd round his car in anger. No-one helps when Bronson's paperwork is blown across the playground, though Calley Donnington is the lone voice sticking up for her teacher.


Michael on CBBC
 CBBC Interview - 1997
Michael drops into the CBBC studio to answers viewers' phone-in questions and chats to Kirsten O'Brien. Unlike Mr Bronson, Michael proves to be a genial and obliging guest!

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