Interviews with cast members and behind the scenes of TV's most famous school

NEW! 19/09/2008
Media coverage of the end of Grange Hill, from BBC News.

  From heroin addiction to guns and mental illness, just some of the issues Grange Hill has tackled

Lurve is always in the air at Grange Hill, so here are some of your favourite school romances

Laughs galore and hair-brained schemes; quite a lot featuring someone called Gonch
  Run for cover folks - here come Grange Hill's most feared bullies - not all of them pupils!

A selection of clips featuring Laura Sadler as Judi Jeffreys, from three series of Grange Hill.
A video tribute to Grange Hill's most feared teacher and the acting legend behind him. Michael Sheard, who died in 2005.

NEW! 19/09/2008
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Other memorable GH moments - and the two Christmas specials in full

From flying sausages to computer game fun - every GH opening sequence including the very latest

These pages contain video clips from 30 years of Grange Hill! Everything from title sequences to classic clips.

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