Sound Off

Melanie HiscockMandy Freemont speaks out!

Well if you don't remember that name, Mandy was Gonch's brainy girlfriend from 1989 who fell for him after he roped her in to donating her knowledge to Gonch's homework scam. And here now is Jane Hiscock who played her: "I have been looking for acting stuff that I did when I was young(er) and I came across your website. Ok, so I was only in one series, but I was Gonch's girlfriend! Mandy Freemont; the dorky, brainy girl that Gonch was always trying to get to do his homework. School prom? Any of this ringin a bell? Anyway, that was me, Melanie (Jane) Hiscock (now I just go by 'Jane') and I would be happy to be on the star list and if you have any clips that would be helpful as I'm aiming to get back into acting in a serious way.

I have been living in Israel for the last 12 years and would have loved to have done another series or two, but unfortunately school was out and all the kids were already pushing 17/18 so they couldn't squeeze any more episodes out of us. All the best and happy New Year to you."
And a very happy, if belated, New Year to you Jane and wonderful to hear from you! Many thanks in advance for the Star File; we look forward to adding that one to our collection. I hope you succeed in getting back into acting; we'll help you however we can in that direction but once again thanks for getting in touch; we remember Mandy very well and wish she could have stuck around for longer. All the best!

Bryn gets Proper Messy

Sue Slack has written to advise of Joe Slack's (Bryn) next project after Grange Hill: "Joe will be appearing in a new drama for BBC Switch, 'Proper Messy' along with Grange Hill castmates Jack McMullen (Tigger) and Amber Hodgkiss (Eleanor). They had a great time filming the show; seems most of the ex-GH crew were involved so it was a bit like a mini-reunion! There's more about Proper Messy at" Thanks for the info Sue - we'll look forward to Proper Messy when it comes out and it's good to see so many GH stars still on our screens!

Is Gluxo the bully I'm looking for?

February starts off with a message from Zammo...but not that Zammo: "Hi.....Yes, my nick name is Zammo.....and not because of Zammo and his love off the Dragon. Anyway the reason for my Grange Hil in the 80s they used to get involved with fight etc with a rival school and from this school there was the local bully who regulary featured in the show. Now my partner has tried to find out the details but I thought I'd try, and hopefully get a be honest i`m not sure why she needs the info but it plays on her mind.......The guy may even be a well known actor now.....not 100% sure. I look forwad to your response....Thank you." Hi Zammo...we've needed to have a think about your question but now I'm fairly sure the bully you're looking for is Gluxo Remington, played by David Rippey in the 1984 series. The major storyline that year was the proposed merger of Grange Hill with rival schools Brookdale and Rodney Bennett - and at the time, Grange Hill was involved in a feud with Brookdale and its chief henchman, Gluxo. It didn't help that Zammo was dating Brookdale girl Jackie Wright, either. Sadly little has been heard of David Rippey since he played Gluxo; do you know what happened to him?