It is our sad duty to inform the Grange Hill Online community that Simon Luxton: the founder and editor of Grange Hill Online has died.

Simon had being battling a heart condition since he was born and despite this daily challenge he dedicated his time to making Grange Hill Online the success that it is today.

Simon was a devoted Grange Hill fan who thought the show was in a class of its own. He watched every single episode and the passion he had for the show and the site has always been immeasurable.

Grange Hill Online launched in late 2000 and covers all aspects of the series’ 30-year history, from 1978 to 2008. No matter how old or young you are there is something here for you.

Grange Hill Online usually gets around 1.8 million hits a month. In May 2005 this spiked to 2 million hits in just one night, following the broadcast of the Channel 4 programme “Bring Back… Grange Hill”. However, the hits exploded through the roof on Monday, 15th September 2008 – the day of Grange Hill’s final episode. So many people visited the site that the server crashed!

Grange Hill Online isn’t only just visited by fans! It is regularly approached by cast members from across the show’s time span, and the list is growing! Among those involved with the site have been Alison Bettles, Dani Fray, John Hudson, Joe Slack, Robert Craig Morgan, Simon Hyams, Lee MacDonald and Kirsten Cassidy. Lime Pictures, who made Grange Hill, have also looked in and our presence on social networking sites has helped spread the word.

One of Simon’s ambitions was to always meet Todd Carty (“Tucker Jenkins”) – and he did just that! Once Simon realised that Todd would be doing a pantomime at his local theatre, in 2008, he couldn’t believe his luck. It was Grange Hill’s 30th anniversary year (as well as being its last), and if Simon could secure a meeting with Todd whilst he was local then it would be the result of eight years of operation. It was Sarah Anderson of the Queen’s Theatre that made this all possible, not to forget our thanks to Todd for being such an obliging person.

Simon has always been described as an honest, genuine and brilliant person who allowed and encouraged many to exchange ideas and become friends. His tireless dedication to Grange Hill Online and amazing work will never ever be forgotten. It was a privilege to know Simon, may he rest in peace.

In Simon's memory we have set up a Tribute Book. You are able to leave your comments there at any time, Visit Simon's Tribute Book

Our thoughts are with his family at this time,

The Grange Hill Online Team

Simon Luxton: 5th September 1973 – 3rd March 2009 Todd Carty with GH Online webmaster Simon Luxton