Grange Hill FAQ What is Grange Hill School?
Where is Grange Hill set?
Has the school always been on its present site?
How many head teachers did Grange Hill have?
...And deputy heads?
What were Grange Hill's rival schools?

What is Grange Hill?
Grange Hill School is a large mixed ability comprehensive school with approximately 1000 pupils on the roll. The pupils come from a wide range of social backgrounds and ethnicities. The school boasts its own swimming pool and in 2004 became a specialist technology college. The centrepiece of which is the multimedia learning centre, "The Grange", which is open to the wider community.

Where is Grange Hill set?
Grange Hill is set in the fictitious borough of Northam in North London, although from 2003 the show ceased to have any specific location.

Has the school always been on its present site?
No - but a school has existed on the current site since 1879. Originally it was known as St George's, then after the war became Rodney Bennett School. In 1985 Grange Hill, then a school in its own right, merged with Rodney Bennett and fellow neighbour Brookdale. The new school was known as Grange Hill and operated as a split-site campus on the former Grange Hill and Rodney Bennett sites. However, a fire destroyed the original Grange Hill building in 1986 and ever since the school has based at the Rodney Bennett building.

How many head teachers did Grange Hill have?
Here is a complete list of Grange Hill's head teachers from 1978-2008:
Mr E. Starling
Mr Llewelyn
1981-1984, 1986-1991
Mr C. J. Humphries
Mrs Angela Keele
Mr Alastair H. McNab

Mrs McCluskyMr Starling is thought to have been at Grange Hill when it became a comprehensive, which would have been sometime in the mid-1970s. Mr Llewelyn was not seen in the 1980 series, while Mr McNab was never seen at all! Mrs McClusky is the headmistress most people remember, although her reign as head was not an unbroken one as she temporarily lost the job when Grange Hill merged with Brookdale and Rodney Bennett in 1985, while Miss Gayle was not seen in the 2008 series.

...And deputy heads?
Mr Keating was believed to be the first, and stood in for the absent Mr Llewelyn during Series 3. He retired in 1984, and Mrs McClusky suffered a humiliating demotion to deputy head in 1985. She got the top job back a year later when Mr Humphries was killed in a road accident. Mr Baxter was made deputy head in 1986, handing over to Mr Bronson the following year until 1989. Businessman-like "Mad Max" Hargreaves took over as deputy head in 1990, leaving Grange Hill two years later when he failed to get the headship. Mr Robson was deputy head in the mid-1990s before getting the top job in 1998; his deputies included Mrs Holmes and her successor Mrs Bassinger. In the best Grange Hill tradition, new deputy head Miss Gayle would later land the top job.

...And caretakers?
Dave Greenman
Russell Joseph (unseen after 1998)
Wally Scott (unseen after 2006)
Mr Griffiths was the longest-serving caretaker, first seen in the 1985 Christmas special. He was forced to retire on age grounds in 1992 and his incompetent successor Dave Greenman only got the job because of sexist attitudes towards a woman candidate. Russell Joseph died, apparently, his successor Wally Scott was last seen in 2006 but former pupil Taylor Mitchell became his assistant in 2007.

What were Grange Hill's rival schools?
In the beginning there was Brookdale (first seen in Series 2) and then followed Rodney Bennett, these two schools would later merge with Grange Hill in 1985. After that, St Joseph's became Grange Hill's main rival and was last mentioned in the show in 2006. Other schools in the area included Oakwood (with which Grange Hill shared its site for a time) and sink school Leaburn, from where Danny Hartston defected to Grange Hill to better his education.